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Call ahead to place your order – just let us know what you’d like, your name and what time you’d like to collect. 

Tel. 0114 268 3674

Plus, if you’d like to pay outside by contactless – just ask.

Click here for the full downloadable menu.

Take Away Menu

Cold Sandwiches

On fresh ciabatta all £4

1. Pastrami, emmenthal, leaves, American mustard, mayo, gherkins

2. Chicken + Chorizo - chicken breast, Spanish chorizo, leaves, mayo, sundried tomatoes

3. Lemon Chicken -  chicken breast, lemon black pepper mayo,  leaves, tomatoes, avocado

4. Peter Rabbit - hummus, carrot, roasted vegetables, garlic basil oil, toasted pumpkin seeds (vg)

5. Ploughmans sandwich – our ham, mature cheddar, salad, onion marmalade (v option)

6. Caprese - fresh mozzarella, house pesto, leaves, avocado, basil, vine tomatoes (v) (n)

Grilled Sandwiches

On ciabatta, toasted in our grill, £4

7. Salami - salami, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, ripe avocado, mayo, optional chilli flakes

8. Cuban – roast pork, ham, emmenthal, mustard, mayo, pickled gherkins, grilled on sliced bread

9. Croque Monsieur - mature cheddar, cola cooked ham, garlic butter, Dijon mustard, roasted cherry tomatoes (swap the ham for avocado for a veggie friendly option)

10. Italian Job – roasted Mediterranean vegetables, mozzarella, pesto, basil (n)

11. Goats cheese - balsamic red peppers, roasted cherry tomatoes, garlic basil oil (v)

12. Rocky – roasted chicken breast, fresh basil + pinenut pesto, balsamic roasted peppers, mozzarella (n) (v option – swap the chicken for rosemary roasted cherry tomatoes)

Salad Trio

A mixed box, this changes each day, ask for more details ve and gf options £5

Slice of frittata

Filling changes daily. It’s always gluten free.

£2.50 or served with a scoop one of the salads £4

Hot homemade soup 

Changes daily £4 with bread or £3.50 without

We always have lots of lovely homemade cakes, scones, bars and brownies too £2-£3 each

Plus all of the usual freshly ground coffees, various San Pellegrino cans, coke, diet coke, Rio Tropical, Elderflower presse, ginger beer, rhubarb & apple presse and bottled water

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